SSL Certificates from $58.00 / year


Period: 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
QuickSSL 139.00 245.00 349.00 450.00 555.00
QuickSSLPremium 229.00 399.00 569.00 739.00 899.00
RapidSSL 48.00 90.00 129.00 175.00 199.00
RapidSSLWildcard 289.00 578.00 867.00 1156.00 1445.00
TrueBusinessID 269.00 470.00 669.00
TrueBusinessIDWildcard 945.00 1650.00 2360.00
VerifiedDomain 69.95 119.00 174.00


SSL certificates are needed to secure websites with critical information like Credit Card numbers and personal details. Secure web sites are starting with "https://...." instead of "http://...." in the address bar of your browser. Once you open a web site starting with https you can be assured that all traffic from your web browser to the server is encrypted and is nearly impossible to be intercepted by a third party. But how do you know that the other side - like your bank - is really what it pretends to be? Entering your password or credit card details into a false "phishing" web site can cost you a lot of money and trouble. By clicking on the "lock" symbol in your browser you can read the certificates content and the authority which has issued it. This guarantees the identity of the other party and warns you in case of any suspicious circumstances. Make sure from time to time that your system software has updated your computer with the latest root certificates (identifying the issuing certificate authorities)  - this may not be part of a standard software update.

There are several type of SSL certificates available, each of them differs in

  • the way the issuer of the SSL certificate has to proof his / her identity
  • whether sub domains are included with the certificate or not

More information about SSL and SSL certificates can be found here at Wikipedia.

Tekwizard Web Hosting Services is issuing GeoTrust SSL certificates where most of the certificates can be issued within minutes. Your website must be on a dedicated IP address to be able to install SSL certificates. Large Business Plan or SSL eCommerce Plan already have a dedicated IP address - otherwise you can upgrade your plan. Just log in to your client area, go to "My Products & Services", click on the green arrow page symbol on the right of your plan and choose "Upgrade/Downgrade Package".

To purchase a SSL certificate at all you don't have to have a hosting account with us. Instructions on how to install your certificate on different server systems are provided.

Being a customer of Tekwizard Web Hosting you can use cPanel to install and maintain your SSL certificates with the SSL/TLS Manager. For a $50 service surcharge we can install the certificate on your site for you and test the integrity of the certificate. Please use the pre-sales inquiry form to request SSL certificate installation support.

You can order your certificate here